Call for Submissions’s writers are citizen journalists. The Founders called these journalists newsmongers, being “[o]ne[s] that dea[l] with news,” with “news” being a “fre[s]h account of anything.” promotes the Founders’ understanding of liberty as, in part, “freedom and relaxation of re[s]traint.” Government, with its power to use law’s force against citizens, is liberty’s biggest threat and thus’s main focus of discussion.

We have launched to allow more citizen journalists to promote liberty, and we accept submissions at Please see our Submission Guidelines. publishes articles on a variety of topics related to liberty, such as politics, culture, economics, and faith. Articles can vary from commentaries on current events to policy analyses to historical overviews.

Just as newsmongers such as Thomas Paine used printing presses in the 1700s to publish their opinions and news accounts, today we citizen journalists use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other communication instruments to publish news and our views. If you’re a conservative or libertarian who’d like to publish your opinions or news accounts, then is your press!

About Dan Smyth

Dan Smyth earned his Master of Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, American Thinker, the Freeman, and other publications. Find him on Twitter at @DanielSmyth7.