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Paul Wilson is a media analyst at the Culture and Media Institute, who is also seeking his master’s degree in history at the Catholic University of America. You can follow him on Twitter at @PaulWilson34.


  1. Thanks Paul. This concise article is very important. Not that I align with any church, but I encourage people to be honest, as you are, about the fact that of course religion influences our political views. Yes, the First Amendment prohibits an official federal religion, but it in no way prevents people from having a theistic view of morality and government. In fact, that was the very basis for natural, God-given rights and the Declaration of Independence.

  2. i am pretty sure that you can declare your opinions without ever use any words like : god, divine, christian, etc.  and then, 100% certain, no one would even think of accusing you of  imposing religious views.  
     You say ” am against abortion because i think it’s cruel, and i have a high respect for life” , no problem.  
     You say” am against abortion because god said *insert godly words*  and it’s a sin, and whatever bible thingy” , then yes, problem. 
      I am absolutely sure that if one throws an opinion based on arguments, reason, even personal taste… no way anyone would accuse him of imposing religious beliefs, even if that guy has a religious background.

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