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Pat is Roman Catholic and lives in Northern Virginia. She studied Art History at the University of Virginia. If you liked this post, follow her on Twitter at @PCuad24.

Government Classes Needed for Civic Literacy

In December 2012, the District of Columbia State Board of Education (DCSBOE) released a final draft of proposed revisions to high school graduation requirements in Washington, D.C. If DCSBOE approves the revisions in March 2013, then D.C.’s high schools would no longer require students to take a … [Read more...]

Our New Congress: Revisiting Larry Sabato’s “A More Perfect Constitution”

Last week, my brother and I were having lunch with a longtime friend when politics entered our conversation. Because Congress may soon pursue budget cuts and a higher debt ceiling, our friend had strong opinions about members of Congress. She believes Congress is taking too long to resolve these … [Read more...]

Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride: A Christmas Gift of Liberty

If your family celebrates Christmas, then you probably know Christmas is five days away.  If you are a conservative or libertarian and have a young child, maybe you’re searching for a gift to give him or her about liberty and our nation’s history. Look no further than Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride, … [Read more...]

John Stossel Hits the Road in ‘No, They Can’t’ Book Tour

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a reception at the Reason Foundation in Washington, DC. The occasion was to celebrate the recent release of John Stossel’s latest book, No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails—But Individuals Succeed. John Stossel was an anchor on ABC for two decades and … [Read more...]