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Liberty Blog’s Top 10 Articles in 2013

We launched LibertyBlog.org (LB) in April 2012 to help citizen journalists promote liberty. In just 2013, readers in over 120 countries have visited LB, showing the global appeal of the liberty movement. This year, LB published many insightful articles on various liberty topics, such as the … [Read more...]

NSA’s Digital Surveillance: Kiss Private Data Goodbye?

It’s no secret that the U.S. government watches its citizens. First came reports about daily collection by the National Security Agency (NSA) of Verizon customers’ phone records. Then word broke about the NSA surveillance program named PRISM, which extracted emails, photos, audio and video chats, … [Read more...]

Maryland Repeals Capital Punishment: A Positive Step?

Last week, the Maryland legislature repealed capital punishment in favor of life sentences with no parole for the most heinous crimes. This repeal makes Maryland the eighteenth state to ban capital punishment. But for libertarians and other liberty advocates, what could be wrong with capital … [Read more...]

Liberty Blog’s Top 10 Articles in 2012

In April 2012, we launched LibertyBlog.org (LB) to allow more citizen journalists to promote liberty. Since then, we have published such insightful articles as the following: Dustin Siggins’ Senator Rand Paul: Bringing Sanity to Congress’ Voting Process Paul Wilson’s Forced to Be Free Mark … [Read more...]

Ahoy, Seasteader! Liberty’s on the High Seas

Where could be liberty’s “next frontier”? Unfortunately, it won’t be in Honduras’ Special Development Regions, areas the Honduran Congress designated as largely autonomous to promote innovative government and free enterprise. The Honduran Supreme Court recently declared these regions … [Read more...]

Arthur Brooks’ Moral Case for Free Enterprise

Some people argue that free enterprise hurts poor people by impeding their opportunities to gain wealth. For instance, according to Occupy Wall Street (OWS), corporations have “perpetuated inequality…in the workplace” and “consistently outsourced labor…to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.” If OWS’ … [Read more...]

Portland Protects Taxicabs from Luxury Competition

In 2009, officials of Portland, Oregon, instituted protectionist regulations on the city’s limousine and sedan service companies to protect larger taxicab companies from luxury competition. The regulation requires limousine and sedan services to 1) charge a minimum price of $50 from downtown … [Read more...]

The IRS is Overstepping Its Bounds

Government institutions frequently overstep their bounds, hindering ordinary citizens from making a living.  Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun hindering independent tax preparers. The IRS is demanding individual tax preparers to pass a new special licensing exam, pay additional … [Read more...]