Gardens, Property Rights, and Property Values

Chicago resident Kathy Cummings was recently fined $600 for growing milkweed in her garden. Ironically, the fine was issued by the same city that honored her in the past for her exceptional displays of flora. Her plight is the merely the most recent in a series of similar cases. Jason Helveston of … [Read more...]

Senator Tom Coburn versus Everyone Else in Washington

In The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan To Stop Washington From Bankrupting America, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) explains how Washington's career politicians, staffers, and lobbyists have set the nation up for fiscal failure.  Pulling few punches, Coburn targets sacred cows of each party and explains that … [Read more...]

Copy the Thermometers? Scarcity and Rights to Medical or Health Care

If the good can be [copied or] taken (shared) without displacing the original, it is always nonscarce. If taking the original means that it can no longer exist in the possession of the original owner or possessor, it is a scarce good. -Jeffrey Tucker & Stephan Kinsella, 2010 For the past 70 … [Read more...]

Another Liberal Myth Down the Drain

Last week, a New York Times piece by Floyd Norris, Chief Financial Correspondent for the NY Times and The International Herald Tribune, claimed government spending has gone down under President Obama. The claim, which relies on half-truths and incorporates only certain areas of spending in the … [Read more...]

Honduras and the Future of Competitive Governance

If you’re familiar with Honduras, you’ll know the country has more than its share of challenges. In addition to the 2009 constitutional crisis—a conflict between different branches of government—the nation struggles with the world’s highest murder rate, drug trafficking, and systemic … [Read more...]

Business Ethics and Environmental Economics in ‘The Lorax’

Last month marked the release of the blockbuster, “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax,” which became the top grossing film of 2012 with a draw-in of $122 million in its first weekend. Based on the book by Dr. Seuss, “The Lorax” is set in a city entirely made of plastic, where Truffula trees only exist in the … [Read more...]