“Hear, Americans, the Sacred Cry: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

The introductory verse of a South American country’s national anthem reads, “Hear, mortals, the sacred cry: Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” This country has one of the biggest surface areas in the world, thundering rivers and falls, mountains and valleys, endless forests and jungles, cattle and wheat … [Read more...]

Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride: A Christmas Gift of Liberty

If your family celebrates Christmas, then you probably know Christmas is five days away.  If you are a conservative or libertarian and have a young child, maybe you’re searching for a gift to give him or her about liberty and our nation’s history. Look no further than Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride, … [Read more...]

Ahoy, Seasteader! Liberty’s on the High Seas

Where could be liberty’s “next frontier”? Unfortunately, it won’t be in Honduras’ Special Development Regions, areas the Honduran Congress designated as largely autonomous to promote innovative government and free enterprise. The Honduran Supreme Court recently declared these regions … [Read more...]

Hell or Horsewhipping? Religious Authority versus Government Force

In the United States, critics of such religious authorities as Catholic leaders often accuse religious authorities of “forcing” their followers to obey religious rules. For instance, the New York Times editorial board recently claimed that, by opposing the Obama administration’s … [Read more...]

Old versus New Freedoms

Conservatives and liberals in America believe the federal government and state governments are violating citizens' basic freedoms. For instance, conservatives argue the Obama administration is violating Catholic business owners’ religious freedom by forcing the owners to provide their employees … [Read more...]